“Caxtonism” is the beliefs and interests of Caxton Manray

Happy Horizontal House

Caxton is a brilliant, exciting, and creative man 
with an instinctive power to control the many dimensional worlds 
that exist around him and in his life.

His immediate and personal passion is the field of the present
where his ideas can by implemented into finished products
with instant results and gratification.

Caxton is one who does not look to mass media to show him the way.

To be categorized into a group as a follower or a member of a particular fascination
without unlimited and changing options would kill him.

The universe is a place to create and appreciate.
Practising Caxtonism makes one at home in its bleachers as on its stage.

Since God is Love, isn’t it impossible to be an atheist?
And if GOD only stands for Gold, Oil, & Drugs,
could an atheist deny those three little subjects too?
- Caxton Manray

This site showcases his artwork, projects and lifestyle
that have caused him notice.

Vegas Neons

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