Favorite Celebrities
Larger Than Life - Dead or Alive

Copyright disclaimer for photos:
Love the pictures, whoever took them, thanks for the great art.
These are a few of my favorites that have been published in the media.

Joanna Lumley is 'Absolutely Fabulous' as Patsy Stone. Patsie Stone Pics

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry, here's a guy who proves magic exists.
And after genuinely nailing the performance in the revival of 'Equus,' he can pretty well tell anyone where to put their lips. Harry Potter Pics

Hal Sparks - I only watched "E's Talk Soup" when he hosted it so then had to see him in every episode of his 'Queer' Sitcom.Hal Spark Pics

JFK Jr. - Lets see, his dad and uncle were murdered, than right before he was about to enter politics
his plane mysteriously goes down. What a coincidence. JFK Jr. Pics

President Professor Barack Hussein Obama, the most deserving to also be enshrined on Mt. Rushmore.
Appeasing the powers with congressional action for funding would be a bungee cord hanging from Barack's stone sculptured ear lobe,
called the 'Ronald Regan Leap Of Faith.' At the top, before jumping, updated horoscopes will be provided for the participants. Barack Obama pics

If the Divine Light ever showed more pure & bright as it does in Stephen Colbert, I haven't seen it.
This Emperor's clothes are also fully visible and among the sharpest, as of course, is he. Stephen Colbert Pics

Marilyn Monroe's ability to energize from within made those around her look like the phony cutouts they were. Marilyn Monroe Pics

Cary Grant - the epitome of male glamour. Cary Grant Pics

Audrey Hepburn - the ultimate Academy Award and Tony Award winning film and stage actress, fashion icon, and humanitarian.Audrey Hepburn Pics

Natalie Wood - totally enchanting creature who didn't quite survive the torturous waters of the industry. Natalie Wood Pics

Elizabeth Taylor - These frames are from "Suddenly Last Summer."
I can relate, once you've seen enough people eaten alive, everyone wants you lobotomized.Liz Taylor Pics

Joan Crawford - What a Momma! I also channel her, so don't "F" with me.Joan Crawford Pics

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